Thursday, 06 November 2014 13:45

For Generations, Chastain's Historic Picnic Pavillions Have Been Popular Gathering Spots

Did you know that two of Chastain Park's five picnic pavillions located throughout the park are the original structures built in the 1940's? These gathering spots come with grills and picnic tables. (The park actually has 12 grills.) Some of the pavillions are smaller with one picnic table that seats about 16 -- perfect for birthday parties. A few pavillions have four tables that provide plenty of seating space for about 64 people - ideal for family reunions and company picnics. According to Ray Mock, Director of Communications, "if you build it, they will come. The last time the Chastain Park Conservancy restored, enhanced and preserved a picnic pavillion, a family reuniion was held there the very next day!"

This weekend, the pavillion closest to the green lot will receive some much needed TLC thanks to 17 year old Warren Reece. The teenager is undertaking the project on behalf of an Eagle Scout project. He and his father will be replacing the punctured roof and damaged wood. They willl also repaint the pavillion to cover graffiti. The project is expected to take two weekends.

Upon completion, the covered green space will be open to the public, first come first serve. Just bring your own food and charcoal. You can even build a fire in a contained open fireplace near the pavillion. Just another reason thousands of people in the past, present and future  #lovechastain!