Tuesday, 09 December 2014 02:25

Play Chastain Receiving Permit Approvals Featured

No prominent trees visible from West Wieuca will be removed for the Play Chastain project No prominent trees visible from West Wieuca will be removed for the Play Chastain project

The first of a series of approvals from the Atlanta Parks Department and City of Atlanta are underway for the commencement of construction for Play Chastain. This first of many steps of approvals is one that both the Parks Department and the Chastain Park Conservancy considers to be one of the most important – the trees in the park. One of Chastain Park’s signature trademarks is the canopy of trees that blanket the northern half of the park which is why the Conservancy remains committed to preserving the health and beauty of the park’s urban forest.

The construction plans for Play Chastain propose the removal of 22 trees of seven different species to make way for the westward expansion of the existing playground as well as the addition of a public restroom - these trees will soon be marked with an orange “X” to indicate to the public of their planned removal. But fear not, the playground plans have been designed in a manner that will carefully preserve the majestic century old mature oaks scattered throughout the 6 acre playground site. Additionally, as part of the overall playground plans, the Conservancy has planned for the addition of 101 new trees of

30 different species which will be planted not only at the playground site, but also along Lake Forrest PATH.

Looking at the big picture, this tradeoff of the new trees replacing those to be removed is a win for everyone. The new trees will not only enhance the value of the playground site and PATH as a public amenity for all ages, but the increased number and diversity of trees will help promote a healthy ecosystem for all the park’s natural inhabitants as well. In keeping with the Conservancy’s mission of Preserve, Restore, Enhance and Maintain, Play Chastain will fulfill that mission by providing an enriched recreational opportunity for the entire family while adding to the park’s natural beauty and ecological diversity. So when the general public sees orange “X’s” on some of the site’s trees, this simply means one thing: a new playground, “Play Chastain,” is on the way and with it, even more trees.


Thanks to Bill Caldwell for contributing this article. Bill is a registered landscape architect and director of Landscape Architecture at Harrison Design and has served on the Board of Directors at Chastain Park Conservancy since 2011. Bill has been practicing landscape architecture for 17 years and lends his professional experience to the Conservancy as the Master Plan Committee chair and Executive Board member by leading physical park improvement initiatives. As a landscape architect, Bill’s passion and interest in Chastain Park lies within maximizing the recreational opportunities of Atlanta’s largest regional park as well as enhancing the park’s sustainability through low impact development practices such as the addition of over 300 trees to the park since 2011.