Tuesday, 26 May 2015 08:32

Why Play Chastain Matters by Jay Smith Featured

Susan and Jay Smith at Victoria Falls Susan and Jay Smith at Victoria Falls

As a boy I lived near a park with a big wooded area. We spent entire summer days riding bikes along its rutted trails and tying rope swings to the limbs of tall sturdy trees. We took risks and, occasionally, we got hurt. But we grew up healthier, happier, more confident for every day spent exploring nature and ourselves.

I'm a grandfather now who wishes more children had places for their feet and their imaginations to run wild. It's why I'm involved in the Chastain Park Conservancy's effort to rebuild a playground on six rolling acres in the middle of the park. #PlayChastain will be a place for children (and adults) of all ages. Its age-appropriate play areas will allow children to challenge themselves in safe yet exciting ways. Parents and grandparents can gather, too, to watch over their little ones and to visit with each other. A clean, modern and spacious restroom/pavilion facility means visitors can stay as long as they like.

Years of listening to children and parents have gone into the new playground's design. Fundraising towards our $2.8-million target is coming down the home stretch. But we need your help. Please consider a gift of money or time to #PlayChastain. If you do, you'll look back with pride, having helped build THE finest playground in the entire Southeast.
Jay Smith, Vice Chair, Chastain Park Conservancy   


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