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Monday, 18 February 2013 14:43

Eagle Scout Projects Improve the Park

Joe Mohr (center) Joe Mohr (center)

There are many volunteers that invest their time and energy into the improvement of Chastain Park.  One group of volunteers who have contributed countless hours throughout the years are the Scouts.  Many have chosen to improve areas in the park for their Eagle Scout projects.  As you walk through the park, sit on its benches or climb its trails, chances are you have benefitted from the work of an Eagle Scout.  One such Scout, St. Pius student Joe Mohr, who lives near the Park, recently completed a trail that joins the Master Grill with the new Hilltop Fields.

His project including installing a retaining wall and a gravel patio, building a fence along the trail and widening the trail.  The area was in need of improvement due to a pre-existing erosion issue.  "The trail head would get washed out with the slightest rainstorm," said Joe. "So I installed the retaining wall and back filled it with about 500 pounds of gravel.  I also elected to install a fence because the surrounding underbrush grows so fact and I knew a fence would keep the trail clearly marked regardless of the growth of the brush as well as making the entire trail aesthetically pleasing."  He also installed a gravel patio at a pre-existing landing. 

Joe raised all the funds needed for $800 project, developed the project plan, scheduled the work days and handled installation with a few helpers.  "Joe Mohr and other Scouts who have selected Chastain Park improvement as their Eagle Scout projects have added long lasting value to our Park, " said Ray Mock, Director of Operations for the Chastain Park Conservancy.  "It is a privilege for me to get to know these fine young men who contribute so much to the Park and the community.