Concert Series at Chastain

With 11 unique park partners like the Chastain Park Amphitheatre, it's no wonder that Chastain Park is where Atlanta comes to play!

Live Nation and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are the two primary venture partners that provide programming for the amphitheatre.

These two joint-venture partners fill a schedule of 60-70 concerts each year between April and October. LiveNation works with a minority partner, Haymon Productions to schedule 5-6 shows per season and works with the City to produce about 5 shows per season.

For the ASO, Chastain is their summer home. Under an agreement with the City, $1 from each ticket and $3 from each car parked in the nearby lots goes into a trust fund that is used to support the infrastructure upgrades and maintenance at the park. In addition, the venture pays a rental fee to the City that goes into the City's general fund.