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Today is January 17th and we are kicking off our 17 Ways to #LoveChastain2017! With an abnormal winter high of 70 degrees, we felt like it was a great day to recognize #WalkChastain. Click here to check it out! Walking Trails

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“My Uncle Jason spent decades of his life dedicated to playing the drums; like so many, he passionately fought for his love of music and the dream to make that his career. In knowing admiration of his dedication, I asked him to tell me more. In the midst of stories that he played back like a projector on a living room wall, I remember him profoundly saying, “Survival of the fittest is what it takes.” That’s always been a statement I enjoy referencing, but after taking a trip down memory lane with Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’s (DNC) Kevn Kinney, I now have living proof.

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Even though I was raised OTP, I consider myself native to Atlanta. My dad however was raised ITP, which apparently makes him an official Atlanta Native, and those are hard to come by. He attended Christ the King, lunched at Henri’s weekly, graduated from Marist, and pronounces the days of the week, like: Sundee, Mondee, Tuesdee. In the front yard of his childhood Atlanta home, grew a magnolia tree, now having a canopy that you could literally build a 4 bedroom, 2 story house under. My grandmother still lives there, not under the tree, but like I said…she totally could! I love listening to stories of her 7 children and their shenanigans(my dad being the ring leader), Garden Club meetings and mandatory family Sunday(pronounced Sundee) Dinner and served with glasses of sweet iced tea. Like the traditional southern beverage, my Grandma Darlin’ is as sweet as the day is long.

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