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We Are the Conservancy

The Chastain Park Conservancy is a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to the stewardship of Troy Chastain Memorial Park’s natural and historic resources. Our mission is to restore, enhance, maintain and preserve the Park’s 268 acres for its over 3.2 million annual visitors.


We do this through the support of individuals, volunteers, family foundations and local businesses. Together we achieve our daily goal of keeping the park clean, safe and green for all park users.


The Chastain Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to stewarding the natural and historic resources of Troy Chastain Memorial Park. At the heart of our efforts is a deep desire to strengthen the community's connection to nature. We believe in the following core principles:  

Protecting natural resources: 

We are committed to protecting the natural resources within Chastain Park, such as trees, plants, and wildlife. We plant native species, reduce pollution, and manage invasive species.

Minimizing environmental impact: 

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by using sustainable practices in all aspects of park management. We are working to implement battery operated equipment, reduce water use and propagate our native plants.

Engaging the community: 

We are committed to engaging the community in our sustainability efforts. We are working to offer educational programs and events about sustainability, encourage people to get involved in park cleanups and other projects, and make sure that the park is accessible to everyone. 

Meet the Team!

These are the individuals who work day to day to keep Chastain Park the green, safe and clean destination we all love.


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