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Chastain Horse Park

Chastain Horse Park, Ltd. (CHP), a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1997. In 1998, they acquired a 20-year lease agreement to renovate and operate the stables property. CHP completed a $4 million development of the facility in 1999 which included removal of existing structures that could not be salvaged, building a new clubhouse and four new barns, a large covered arena, fencing the entire site, constructing a new retention pond, burying utilities, adding new sanitary and storm systems as well as several retaining walls and a new parking lot.

With 11 unique park partners like the Galloway School, it’s no wonder that Chastain Park is where Atlanta comes to play!


Horse Park


Chastain Horse Park 

4371 Powers Ferry Road 

Atlanta, GA 30327

Phone 404-252-4244

Fax 404-252-1106

- Lesson Programs — Extension 1 

   (Therapeutic or Traditional) 

- Hippotherapy

- Horse Boarding — Extension 4

- Day and Summer Camps — Extension 1                     

- Pony Parties — Extension 5

- Clubhouse Rental — Extension 3


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