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Chastain Arts Center

Chastain Arts Center is operated by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, a division of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. The Arts Center offers a wide variety of visual and creative cultural arts classes for all ages and skill levels throughout the year, as well as a tremendously popular Summer Arts Camp. Started in 1968, Chastain Arts Center is recognized as the first arts center in the metro area.

With 11 unique park partners like the Galloway School, it’s no wonder that Chastain Park is where Atlanta comes to play!


Arts Center


Chastain Arts Center 

Mayors’ Office of Cultural Affairs

135 Chastain Park Ave NW

Phone 404-252-2927

About the Arts Center

Each year, the Center enrolls over 2500 students in 5 sessions, plus more than 450 children in Art Camp each summer. The work of resident instructors and students is showcased twice each year in a large gallery in an adjacent building, along with an additional 4-5 exhibits of local, regional and national artists in both two-and three-dimensional media.

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